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Periea TSV. - August 9, 2023

V56273 - Set of 5 Collapsible Storage Boxes with Printed Windows. $52.98

Metallic Floral, Black Dots, Metallic Marble, Blush Birds, Waves, Black Floral, Grey, Blue Grey





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Re: Periea TSV. - August 9, 2023

I really love these. I have many of them. They are so useful and durable.


I use them in my closet to store seasonal clothing. I stack them with some odds and ends. 

I have one with my dogs daily needs at hand. Leash, wipes, jacket etc. Everything looks so neat and clutter free.


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Re: Periea TSV. - August 9, 2023

I don't understand the draw of buying these from QVC unless someone doesn't have an Amazon account or wants to pay extra for patterns.  You can get similar products in various sizes on Amazon at a much cheaper cost.  I have several from Amazon in various sizes that have worked flawlessly for years.

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Re: Periea TSV. - August 9, 2023

I do own a set of these but I paid less as I bought them as a LTS.  This price isn't bad as you get good sizes and the patterns/colors are pretty.   But it's the shipping that's too much for me.   I also have a set from Amazon and yes they are just as good, less expensive (free shipping also) and serve the same purpose.   I love these to store my extra comforters, pillows and my Irish sweaters.  Keeps everything safe from dust and bugs.  I keep those little cedar bags on top of them.

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Re: Periea TSV. - August 9, 2023

I compared the total price of QVC and Amazon. Amazon is a few bucks less expensive depending on the "brand" and type of box you buy. I bought 3 sets of these now on Q and they come out to $15 a piece with shipping. Amazon prices range from $12.50 - $15.00 a piece. There are less expensive ones on Amazon but IMO look questionable on the durability. I bought the pink for my Mom and two greys for me. The windows looked to covered up by the design, IMO. 

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Re: Periea TSV. - August 9, 2023

I bought the same pattern (cream with black dots) that I have gotten in a smaller set a year or so ago.  These have really been great for my use as well as sharing with my daughter in her apartment.  They are an attractive way to store seasonal clothes or throws as well as other items.  And if you don't need to use all of them they store flat very neatly in a closet until used.  I know the quality is good on what I've gotten before as well.

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Re: Periea TSV. - August 9, 2023

'Gee', I must have missed this TSV.


For the poster who ordered from 'A'.....could you let me know the name of the manufacturer?


No need to go into any detail, just the manufacturer.


I'll take a look over there.




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