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That bag was sold for $159 this past year. There were at least 5 colors.  So, a few minutes into the presentation 2 of the colors are gone.  That is because this is an old bag--not a new TSV.  What games is the Q playing here? This is not a TSV.

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It's called "dump the junk".  The whole day is about clearance of old merchandise.  The TSV is just keeping with the theme.

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i purchased this as a TVv for $199.96 this past March.  I am very dissapointed that it is retuerning as a TSV for $50 less than it was when it was a TSV originally.  

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@Rumpy but you had to figure at some point it would be on clearance.  Don't get why you are disappointed.

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I ordered, and returned this handbag in the antique rose last year. I like Oryany bags, but this one was not a keeper for me. 


I am quite sure that a majority of what is being sold tonight will be customer returns. Sandra said it was so popular that they brought it back. Smiley Happy Yet, two colors are gone within minutes. 


This handbag was a ODO for $150.00, but I don't think the shipping was free at that time.

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Re: Oryany TSV-shenanigans

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Plus, did you notice that GILI ripped off the best selling  Dooney? The one with the self strap and the clasp throws over the bag and can lock or not!


Really disapointed with this year's items on Q! I didn't buy nearly what I did last year, and had to send some back!

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I agree with what you wrote, but like one poster pointed out they could be returns and if you bought one before you got your use out of it already...Well hopefully!! I bought one in the blue last TSV and I was not really thrilled with it so it's a lesson learned for me! But yes, not a good TSV! HSN seems to recycle a lot of their TV's maybe this will be a trend for the Q...Gosh I hope not!!Woman Frustrated

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I agree, this is no TSV!  This is a dump the bag sale!  As far as Gili, all of it is overpriced.  You don't have to wait long to find Gili on clearance, or on Lunchtime Special Values.  

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I don't think they can sell a return as a new item, imho it's against the law.  Perhaps not all quantities brought in for the original tsv didn't sell so they're just clearing out their stock.  Strange that they would offer the item as a tsv though!

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I was about to ask why Oryany always had light blue and light pink in almost every bag they come out me the TSV looked like an old bag and I absolutely hate those two colors......especially in a bag.  Dump the Junk pretty much covers this one!