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Re: One plain Tshirt for TSV....

I ordered a black one, and it came today.  It is a thicker material than previous H by H tees I've bought, and it is really nice!  I am between sizes and went up. I like my shirts to fit more loosely, and it's great.  I wish I had bought more colors!

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Re: One plain Tshirt for TSV....



I really didn’t body shame anyone.  I was just repeating what another poster said was the reason she didn’t like the shirt.   There was a lot of garment shaming by quite a few posters who hadn’t even bought the item calling it boring so the posters were garment shaming and shaming anyone who decided they like the item

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Re: One plain Tshirt for TSV....

I ordered 4 of these t-shirts (Pool Blue, Elderberry, Pink and Black) in size XL and I like them very much.  I do not have a "perfect" body shape and I would be the first to admit it.  Regardless, I know what I like and what I feel would look good on me.  These are very soft, comfortable and pretty.  Each person is entitled to their own opinion as to whether they would or would not wear an article of clothing for various reasons.  For those that also liked it, enjoy.  For those that didn't, there are plenty of other options to choose from.  I find Halston clothing to be very stylish and affordable and that's all that matters to me.  Happy 1st day of Summer!  Smiley Wink

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Re: One plain Tshirt for TSV....

I bought the white and the black in XS, I am 5’6”, 125 lbs, and they fit great. Really cuter than I thought they would be. I wish I had gotten the Elderberry. Material is very soft. I can wear with pants, jeans, shorts.... a winner for me! 

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Re: One plain Tshirt for TSV....

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One person's "boring" is another person's WOW. And this is a WOW for me!  My first Essential for H by H and I loved it so much, I went back for 3 more and a tank of the same fabrication.