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Well, that didn't last long!  One day TSVs and no pre or post days.  I don't mind it but the hosts made such a big deal about it.  Wonder what changed their minds?


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I can't tell if you're saying that the TSVs are now one day only or if you're saying that the promise to go back to strictly one day TSVs did not work and they are now showing them online in advance of the main TSV day. 

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I loved having more time to make a choice on TSV's , now unless it a sure thing , i just pass. If they can afford to have a lot of leftover inventory , that is their choice.

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There was a big hype that TSVs were going to be one day only and get it quickly because they are not going to last for more than one day and no previews on line.    Now they have some of them before the TSV day and I've seen a few after.  I expected the crack down on TSVs to last longer than it did. 


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But, isn’t the whole point of a TSV, that it’s one day?

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Too many complaints about "sold outs" early.

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Yes, I just noticed they are back to making multiple TSVs available early, and keeping some more than the one day.