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Are these wines really that good? I dont like wine that have alot of tannins, that leave that very dry feeling in your mouth. But I love wine and go to winerys in our area often. Should i buy theses? There is not alot of reviews on the internet.

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We ordered the Cabernet before Christmas and it was the worst wine we've ever tried. I looked for my review but the reviews have vanished and I'm not surprised. I gave the wine two stars, it was just awful and we drink wine on a regular basis. Needless to say, we didn't keep it.

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Re: Olearys wine

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I seriously doubt the "wine expert" knows jack about wine. I have no doubt he would bottle the cheapest kwap he could buy.


He's being termed "The Canadian Donald", has been trying to run for office and is a Shark Tank alum. He's a financier.


A major Canadian newspaper deems him a smoke-and-mirrors ath.


It's like he's selling Two Buck Chuck without knowing or caring if it's any good. His bit on QVC is to convince people who know zero about wine that he provides quality wine. He probably bought the harvests of a couple of down-on-ther-luck mediocre vineyards and bottled it as cheaply as possible. But ooooh, it's a Kevin O'Leary wine! Except that no one outside Canada probably knows or cares who he is.


ETA that I just read an article by a guy who makes his own wines, where these wines are being sold at (some?) Costcos for $9.99 per bottle.

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I purchased the Pinot Noir in April.  It was okay, not anything special.  You must be home to sign for it; the wine will not be left at your door by UPS.

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I like very, very few California wines.  (Gnarly Head is good)  I like old vines from France, Italy, Spain. I get reasonably priced very good wines at Trader Joe's

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I bought a mixed case last year and it was pretty good wine, my son bought 3 bottles for his friend and she thought it was ok. I think for the money, it's a good wine, but of course taste is very subjective. I tasted an award winning wine the other night and I thought it was just so-so.

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I know several people who have been ordering regular cases of his wine ever since he first appeared on QVC.  For the price, it's a good, delicious wine for them.  Also, they love watching Shark Tank, and like Mr. Wonderful's accomplishments.  So, 'adding it all up', they seem very happy with their purchases.  p.s.  Trying white this time, for a change. 

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@Moonchilde I wish I had read this before I got mine. I ordered Rose and to be honest I liked a wine I tasted at my local grocery store more than this one qnd it was 10 bucks. To me it was a bit salty and bitter. I thought maybe it was just me. Didn't want to hassle with the return requirements so I kept the three bottles but doubt I will drink them.

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Moonchilde,it sounds like you are not a fan of Mr. O'Leary.  I think the OP asked for opinions from those who have actually tasted the wine.


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Thanks for all the replys, I have decided to try the wine, I ordered a case of the mixed. I do love wine and if it is good then it would save me money compared to wine i usually buy at a local winery. If it isnt well then i will have learned a lesson.