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Re: Nutrisystem TSV

Like all diets most folks gain it all back. Portion control is the key and exercise -walking is great if you can’t go anything else. I walk 4-5 miles every day and it really helps me maintain my weight
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Re: Nutrisystem TSV

@Walkingal...Deal A Meal is available on Ebay and also on Amazon.  Amazon kits are new and very pricey.  HTH



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Re: Nutrisystem TSV

@Walkingal wrote:

@elated  I miss Richard!  I remember his Deal A Meal and it was good.  I'm going to see if it's still available somewhere.

Go to Richard Simmons website. They are selling his plan on the site. It is very inexpensive.

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Re: Nutrisystem TSV

Like another poster, I purchased this last year and ended up trowing the food away!

I would pass on this as so often in life--this is an example of something sounding really good and then it's in the end a very disappointing "too good to be true!!"


I too was super tempted due to them offering a vegetarian option and what made me get it (and subsequently trash most of it)!! Smiley Sad



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Re: Nutrisystem TSV

I heard Kirsten say you should drink 1/2 your weight of water a day!


What the hay?  I'd look like one of those fat balloons!  That can't be right.  I hope someone corrects her.


Some people need to loose 100 much water is that?


I don't think I misunderstood her.

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Re: Nutrisystem TSV

The food was unedible and gagged me.  I got a refund.  It was not cheap as you also have to buy all your fruit, veggies & garnishes.  It does not look like on tv.  They have a food stylist.  With weekends off you don’t get a 30 day monrh either.  I cut all sugar and most carbs and lost 17 lbs in 3 months. I have maintained since August and my BMI is 24.1.

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Re: Nutrisystem TSV

Just read the label on the boxes that should tell you a lot.

I tried the brand found iit was poor quality in my opinion.