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Today, the other shopping channel has the Nutri Bullet as their TS.

Wednesday, QVC is having the Nutri Ninja as their TSV..

Does anyone have a opinion about which is the better one?

Thank you...

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Re: Nutri-Ninja VS. Nutribullet

I've read online that the NutriBullet has had problems with the plastic coming apart and small pieces ending up in people's smoothies. I'm sure you can find the articles. I'm surprised it hasn't been recalled. There is a new NutriNinja with the Auto-IQ function where you simply hit one of 4 buttons and it automatically mixes the drink, you don't have to hold it down. The one that is the TSV coming up is the older model. Walmart has the Auto-IQ version on sale at my store for $110.00. Since the upcoming TSV is last year's model, it seems overpriced to me personally.

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Re: Nutri-Ninja VS. Nutribullet

I have the NutriBullet 900. I love it. I have made Nutrablasts with whole beets, kale, watermelon, etc with absolutely no problems. It takes up the size of a large coffee mug on the counter.

I have the Ninja Prep system. I think they are both quality products.