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Any idea what this is going to be?  I figure either a electronics or car charger and I am hoping for a phone/electronics charger

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Re: Nov 7th Halo TSV

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You will probably get your wish since they just had a car charger TSV a few days ago.

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I just received an email this afternoon. Halo Bolt Portable Charger & Car Jump Starter w/LED Floodlight. $100

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Thanks for the information, a little disappointed but not surprised!



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I saw the Halo Bolt on a show awhile back and I went online & looked @ some of the reviews and they weren't very favorable so I passed on purchasing it. I just looked at the item again since it's now a TSV and I don't see any reviews listed at all. I see alot of questions and answers but no reviews. Is this a new practice for QVC? If so it's rather deceptive.