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Nourison Rug TSV 5/31

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M-70195 Nourison Dahila Bouquet Indoor/Outdoor Hi-Low Rug

M-70189 Nourison 5'3" x 7' Dahlia Bouquet Indoor/Outdoor Hi-Low Rug $49.96
M-70191 Nourison 7'10" x 9'10" Dahlia Bouquet Indoor/Outdoor Hi-Low Rug $114.96

M-70193 Nourison 94" Round Dahlia Bouquet Indoor/Outdoor Rug $89.96


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Pretty colors but that rug is so busy, it makes me nervous.  I'm glad to see a new rug line, however. 

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No too busy.

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Perfect choice for a HOTEL.....nobody would steal it........

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I'd put this rug on my patio in Mexico......if I had a patio in Mexico. 😉😄

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I love the wide array of colors, I could definitely see this in my sunroom!

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I don't care for the predominant rusty, mustard shades... 

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Call me crazy, but I like it!

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@DenimAndCo Are there color choices?

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