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So I ordered the Cubi Jr. Today's Special Value and received tracking info.  However, it only shows that the info was sent but not the product.  Of course they are sold out with no waitlist.      While I appreciate they refund me (when I call) but I really wanted the product!  Not sure why, but this has happened twice before on Today's Special Value items and I order in the morning of - ugh.


Is it just my luck or has this happened to anyone else? 

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Several times lately I've seen a delay in tracking being posted.  By the time I see the first tracking, the item is almost here.  Be patient, it will probably show up in a day or two. 

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I agree with @Kachina624 , lately the tracking is terrible.


By the time the tracking shows any movement at all, the order is almost here and is received usually 2 days later.

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I've even received an order and the tracking will still say it's two states away.

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I think this happens when items ship directly from the manufacturer. It takes longer for the tracking to update from their system to QVC’s.