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Northern Nights TSV Thursday

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NN is the TSV this thursday.  700 TC cotton sheets with wrinkle defense.   These are my favorite sheets in modern times.  I really prefer the 600TC w wrinkle defense but I have a boatload of 700TC that are wonderful.   I need another set of sheets like Santa needs another snowstorm.  I have 11 sets in my linen closet.  4 sets of 600TC and 5 sets of 700TC, 1 each of 500 and 800TC.  


Yet, I still pre-ordered the BURGUNDY.


What can I say, I love these sheets.   The burgundy appears rich and saturated in color too, I hope, which is unusual for NN.


So, is anyone else interested?    H220854

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Re: Northern Nights TSV Thursday

giddy up,


I’ve  been looking at the Burgundy too.


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Re: Northern Nights TSV Thursday

I love wrinkle defense sheets, but 700 TC is too warm for me.  I don't buy anything above 400 TC.  They always has a nice color array.