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For my taste, too heavy in weight and crossbody strap is too short.
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I don't think it looks dated at all. It's a timeless and classic style you could carry for years to come and because of that I think it's worth the price, especially when you consider 'price-per-wear' cost. It's a bargain, imo.

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I'm seen her bags at Dillard's. And the hand tooled leather is very stiff, not my style. I'm sure the bag will soften over time, but I wouldn't use it enough for that to happen. 

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I really like the outside of this bag. The 2 brown tones are gorgeous and my favorites. I like the size and the crossbody strap.


But...I don’t like the middle zip compartment. That can make it difficult to fit odd shaped items on the 2 narrow sides. I also don’t need card slots. Because of these 2 reasons I’m not buying. 


For those who buy, enjoy! 

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I'm loving this bag!!! too far out of my pricerange though. Congrats to all who get to purchase one.

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Well after seeing the presentation I caved and ordered the natural white.  It's perfect for spring/summer.  I like the wallet too.  Thinking of getting that in the turquoise.

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I think it’s a beautiful bag and not at all dates. I prefer a satchel or a tote so it’s not for me, but several colors would fit very nicely into my wardrobe. The price is more than reasonable for the quality I’ve seen in Patricia Nash bags.
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I really like this bag, I love crossbodys and use them the most. I was in need of new one for winter time so I ordered the black map and matching wallet. I then decided I really liked the coral florel, so I ordered a second one, I can use it now and into summer. I have other bags from her, so I already know I will be happy with them. I hope she brings some more crossbodys, I really like saddle bags and she has done some nice ones. 

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I bought a bag from her when she was on Evine and I got tired of it real quick. I guess it was dated and I didn't like the lining. I should have returned it, but I used it for a year and donated it. 

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I think her bags are exquisite. I have stopped buying expensive bags because I get tired of bags very easily. The only bag I never got tired of was a Prada bag from Italy. It was a gift from a wealthy friend. I don’t wear it all the time but I will never get rid of it simply because it was so expensive. Her bags may be heavy and not for everyone but to describe them as dated is a bridge too far