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Are these really worth it?  I am so used to pull up jeans and pants...not sure about these.  Pricey too.

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Why are these listed separately, with different item numbers, by color when you look for them online? It seems to me that alters the ability to return and get a different color without paying the extra shipping and handling, it makes it a pain in the neck to look at each of them separately to decide what color you want, and the Q and A's have to be looked up item by item. Why QVC?

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Watch for sales elsewhere. I wanted to try them and Chico’s had them marked down to $19. Nice but not worth their normal high price!
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In a word; no.


I've owned 4 pair of this brand, different styles and jean "names" I speak from personal experience.

Overpriced. Over hyped. 


After several hours I had to keep pulling them up to stay secure (all versions I found this to be my personal experience). 


At the time I was wearing a 6 and purchased a 4 - to no avail, they were not living up to the expectation or the promise of a so-called custom fit.


I had 2 pair in black (first wearing they left dark 'dye marks' on my cloth car seat) & after washing them for the very first time they faded to an unsightly blackish-grey.

1 pair in deep dark denim and a light pair.

All were very cute (initially) and looked nice (at first).


I ended up giving all of them away to a girl I worked wirth, she was a size 8 - they fit her and she wore them to death. She was so thankful for the hand-me-down. 

At least my purchase made someone's day.


Perhaps if you purchase them on easy pay and don't thrill at your new go-to-jean, you at least won't be out the high price point - you have 90 days to decide.  Worth it for sure to see if YOU love them for YOURSELF.


Best of luck.

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I have a couple of pairs and don't find them any more special than my comfy Denim & Co. pull on jeans, which are half the price or less.  I won't be buying.

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At this stage in my life, I prefer at least some elastic in the waste. Plus, I think the price is outrageous.  I guess that's why I don't own any of this brand.

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@IllinoisbornI totally agree. It is so confusing and unnecessary when they get too many item numbers involved. 

I understand one item number for regular and one for petite but one per color is just way too messy. 

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Pricey agree, and any pants or jeans I order, using the Q size charts and garment measurements, never fit me. I have given up buying pants and shoes off TV.

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@honeybuns wrote:

Are these really worth it?  I am so used to pull up jeans and pants...not sure about these.  Pricey too.

They are worth it if they fit you.  NYDJ fit me to a tea!  The only complaint I have is with the jeans, even in the petite sizing, they have to be hemmed.