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IMO, several of the models look like they are wearing a size too small. I do not want to be poured into my shorts or pants, especially in the summer. Easy pass for me.

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@cjm61 wrote:

I would not hesitate paying $50 for a "perfect" short, or pants. However, for me, these are way too long to be called shorts. They are more Bermuda style, in my opinion. Even the petites are too long. I am short legged, petite, and need more of a 5", maybe 6", inseam. 


NYDJ will last forever so if you do find the perfect fit they are well worth the price. Good luck to you all that they work for. 

I agree. $50 is what NYDJ costs. Didn't Kim G have a pair on TSV in March or April that was $60? I have some NYDJs that are well over 10 years old (or older) and they look great.

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@luvmyteddy4 wrote:

The shorts are way too tight on the model Angela this morning!

@luvmyteddy4    Angela definitely should not be going down a size.  Her appearance borders on the obscene.  We get the same appearance everytime NYDJ is presented and she models.

After viewing Angela, these shorts are not for her. Not every clothing line is for everyone.

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@luvmyteddy4 wrote:

On this show with Kerstin the zipper is pulling open on the model with the black shorts. They look great on Adel with the white shorts and not too tight.

I still cringe everytime they show the pic of Angela.

Which model is Angela?
I saw Leah for a few moments this morning. Not a good look IMO.


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Thigh length girdles looking more and more like jeans everyday. 





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I bought all the colors.

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One inch inseam length difference......I might have misheard. 


I believe the 'style' is very tight, accentuating the back side. 


I admit that I'm behind in the times......(pun indended).  

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Re: NYDJ TSV - May 15, 2023

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I do wear shorts to stay cool on my daily walks on hot summer days. But I don't see anything special about these, in fact they look thick and hot. I have plenty of pairs and never had success buying this brand-

But I hope everyone is happy with their purchase!