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I'm very interested in today's TSV voulumizing shampoo and conditioner set, A618101, but I have a motto I *try to stick to. No ingredients are listed for the products. I want to take a stand to get QVC to insist that food, personal care and cosmetic sellers list their ingredients on QVC. I know QVC has stated that it's up to the companies to do this but I think Q has enough power to get companies to do this.


Yes, I know I can get these ingredients somehow, There's already three requests for the ingredients in the Questions about the products section and eventually someone will provide the ingredients list or I can try looking at the website to get them, but that's not the point. I wish other shoppers would take a stand in whatever way they choose to get all these products to have their ingredients listed here. 


*I've occasionally broken down on this when others have posted ingredients or I've found them elsewhere, but I try to stick to it. 

I accidentally touched Solved for some post I was replying to. Please ignore it. Thanks. Yesterday, late, I added in the item number for only the Auto Delivery. I just corrected the item number and it is for the one time delivery now. 

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I'm sure the Q will miss that money that you do not spend.


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I'll be first to admit that I am a terribly uneducated shopper and never look at ingredients since I don't know which ones are good and which are bad. I just take them at their word that it's a "clean" product and not even sure what that means. I've used their line for years, beginning with Ojon, and find that, even though I'm not a fan of every single product from them that I have used, they're mostly kind to my old, color treated hair. I ordered and am hoping it will be a good product for me since my hair has started thinning and needs some body. I was disappointed to discover that it's advance order with no idea when it will arrive.

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Have you checked HSN to see if they have same products with ingredients listed. Many Tweaked products contain a ton of ingredients, way too many. 

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From Tweak'd by Nature.


  • Includes 33.8-oz BIGwig Thermo Activated Volumaker Root Boost-RX Shampoo, 33.8-oz BIGwig Thermo Activated Volumaker Root Boost-RX Conditioner, and 3-oz All-Purpose Rescue Cream
  • Lemongrass Vanilla Oatmeal: lemongrass, bergamot orange, coconut, anise, cedarwood, white musk, vanilla oatmeal, honey
  • Amber Vanilla Cremerie: toasted vanilla waffle, powdered sugar, toasted almonds, Tahitian vanilla bean cream maple sugar honey
  • Lavender Rain: lavender water, flower, and oil; hibiscus
  • Agua de Coco: coconut, tonka bean, bananas foster, brown sugar, double cream, orange zest
  • Tulipia Angelique: tulip accord, soft florals with hints of peony, orange blossom, honeysuckle, and vanilla
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@Mindy D I agree with you.


It's boasted as cruelty-free and in QVC's Clean Beauty, so I agree that a full list of ingredients should absolutely be included for all items under this genre.  


Otherwise, I don't buy it and don't trust the sales pitch gimmicks.  I'm not eating this shampoo & conditioner (waffles -- come on!).  I want to know what I'm putting on my hair and scalp.

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@Mindy D I have to admit, ingredients (unless it's food) don't affect my purchase decision. Like you said, if it was important to me, I could research to find the ingredients.


In my opinion, and my opinion only, I think if a person is truly interested in purchasing an item they would find the ingredients. The internet is a wonderful resource and it would take about 2 minutes. 


Again, my main resource is reviews and price. How an item works for others is my most important resource. The item needs to be a good value for me also.  Ingredients for purchasing is low on my list. 


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When purchasing beauty products for my face and body ingredients are top priority, hair a little less. 

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@Carolina925   I believe clean like so many other labels means whatever the manufacturer wants it to mean except for labels that have to meet some published standard.  

For that reason, I am unlikely getting into the no ingredients, no sale group.