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Does not work!!! So annoyed to have pack and return!
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Oh no.  You put batteries in and nothing?  Did you try different batteries?

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@grits3 wrote:
Does not work!!! So annoyed to have pack and return!



Oh, no!  I've been waiting to hear some reviews on this lantern.  I'm so sorry this happened to you.  Do you like it  enough to exchange it?

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OH NO!!!!! ...... now you have to pack it up & return it .... it was a large lantern so I guess the box is big ... what a pain in the you know what .... I ordered 2 of them so, now I am keeping my fingers crossed that they work otherwise back they go .... so sorry this happened to you 😢

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Sorry BUT


Did you put the batteries in correctly?


Did you put NEW batteries in?



Most of the time, we tend to grab whatever is laying around and maybe 

one is faulty and the others are OK.  I'm sure we're all guilty of that, at least I am!


Please try again with fresh batteries, can't imagine how something like this won't work.

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sorry to hear that it did not  work.  are you replacing or returning.  i am waiting on 3.  they looked so lovely on t.v.

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What about those that got it ,i have not received mine, how do you like it?

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Re: My TSV lantern

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Its much bigger and nicer than I thought it would be. But mine, too, is not working. There was a big gash in the box when it was delivered. I ordered the grey and it is beautiful. Now I have to send it back. Ugh

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I just received my gray one today and I love it.  So far it is working great.  It is a great size and love the door opens on this one.  

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I got 3 and all of them work so far.   Beautiful.