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Much Improved Programming of the TSVs

Now, I do not mean the product variety/selection is better, I mean it seems QVC isn't one big 24-hour infomercial of the TSV like it had become.  Since I'm still pretty much snowed in with a bad cold, I watched much more QVC these past two or three days, and noticed lots of programming breaks from the TSV.  I can read my book, then come back to QVC and see different product presentations.  FB posters have bitterly complained about QVC showing the TSV every single hour of the day.  Perhaps QVC is listening.  Perhaps I have snow-blindness, or my cold medication needs adjusting.

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Re: Much Improved Programming of the TSVs

i really have not noticed any big change with the TSV.  The one major thing I hate about HSN is exactly what you said they show the same item for an entire hour.  I really think they are missing the boat.  Most people do what I do and change the station.  Either you have bought it or decided not to do so.  It is a big turn off for me.

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Re: Much Improved Programming of the TSVs

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Agree totally,  that viewing one product for an entire hour is such a waste.  I don't watch the station nearly as much since I find the selection and quality not what it was years ago, but I ceratinly wouldn't even keep it on for one product.