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Re: Mrs Prindables

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I just realized these are not the chocolate apples - just caramel   It's not just the cheap toppings - they used to be chocolate over the caramel.  I wonder how many people are going to be surprised and disappointed?!

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There will be none bought by me.  An entire day of food sales gives me nothing to watch.


I hope those of you who purchase the apples and/or other food enjoys everything and has a pleasant holiday. Cat Happy

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I am so over these apples.  Talk about boring.  How many years have they been on the Q?  Can't the Q come up with something new!  I can't think of one person i would give these to.  

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Re: Yes, not impressed with cheaper cookie topping.....

@GingerHead   Agree.  it's time they retire this product.  

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Re: Yes, not impressed with cheaper cookie topping.....

Why would they retire a product they sell THOUSANDS of?


That would be a foolish business decision.


When they stop seeing a profit on this item, then they may disappear, but not until then.



Mrs. Prindables used to be a tradition for our family but with this recession....they got axed off the list.

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I wish they would sell plain caramel coated apples. I have bought some online before and they arrived in perfect condition with an easily removable wrapper. I don't like all that candy and tasteless sprinkles on my apples.

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Yes they used to have an abundance of chocolate on these apples .Now it's more of the white stuff they call chocolate which we know is not.They have really reduced the quality.I have purchased them in the past and I meen way past as gifts stopped when I saw they were dumbing them down.

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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory are the best. Fresh cause they dip them in front of you.  Granny Smith apples are best.

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I just had some Mrs. P's apples.  6 with fall sprinkles and 6 with different toppings.  All were with the granny apples which I thought we tasty and fresh.  I liked the sprinkle only better.  Always do, I like sprinkles.  I enjoyed them!