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Re: Moose Munch

Bought this for my dad for Christmas. He says moose munch is the best present he's ever received so I am back for more. 

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Re: Moose Munch

Everyone likes MM in my family and that's what I get them for Christmas every year.  We stopped giving expensive gifts to each other years ago, but some of us like to give a little something to everyone, and this fits the bill.  I've tried just about all of the flavors from the Q and they're all delicious and fresh.  It's better than regular caramel corn because it's got nuts in it (and I'm not talking peanuts.)  Of course, there's always one in the bunch who can't or doesn't want to eat it (like my sister.) 

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Re: Moose Munch

I've seen it at Marshalls/Home Goods, especially around the holidays and Valentine's Day and Easter.



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