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I am sure they are delicious, but I shudder to think of the calories in the croissants especially, lol.

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I have followed Martha for many years. Have so many of her cookbooks and loved her recipies. I still make many of them because they are the best.

She has always been a bit 'OCD' about everything. She tends to make things more complicated than I would but have found, if you want to bake a cake to knock the socks off everyone, follow her recipes!


I watch her cooking show on PBS each Sunday and have always loved her gardening shows.


Of course she has a staff, but she does not come from a rich family or background. Everything she has now, she made herself. She always refers to her mother and in years back always had her mother on her cooking shows. Her mother could be very critical and Martha was always trying to please her. Thought it was funny but realize that is probably why she is utterly perfectionistic.


Her prices are not cheap but they are not crazy either. I know she is a strict organic gardener and very health conscious. Her ham is probably from a small, natural farm. She breeds her own chickens and would never use store bought. She has the most beautiful gardens and of course she has a staff fur everyone is under her thurmb.


I would never expect her pastries to be dry or burned. She is too fussy to put her name to anything she hasn't had her hands on. Never would happen.


She doesn't need the money..

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@mousiegirl, the 2.2 ounce croissant has 220 calories. That’s not at all unreasonable.
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I have to say that personally, I am no Martha Stewart fan, never have been, I guess she just never appealed to me. 

   I have to say, on this International Women’s Day, I had so many women who did just what you described, they just never got rich on it..they were up before the sun, had huge gardens to grow food for their families and then when the crops were ready, they “put up”everything, beans, tomatoes, peppers, corn etc..made spaghetti sauce, jams, jellies, my mom and grandmother both could feed their families from the food they had “put up”. They tended to their home and children, cleaned, etc...everything you said. 

As for work ethic....I doubt that even Martha Stewart couldn’t keep up with them! I know they could work me under the table any day of the week!  

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Amen to that, I stated before I just never “took” to Martha Stewart, not because of the reasons some do, I just never was a fan, personal preference I suppose. 

   I agree that women shouldn’t be tearing each other down instead of building each other up.  There is enough hate and bad news in the world right now, let’s do what we can to encourage those around us, and maybe even do a “random act of kindness” or two! 

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Remember, everyone has their own opinion.  Glad you are happy with her products.

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Looks yummy, but her pastries are over $2 a piece.  I haven't been in a bakery in years, so I'm not familiar with pricing, but isn't that quite expensive?

Absolutely not.  It’s a fair price.  They looked very good, too.