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This TSV was my first try with Mrs.Prindable's apples.  I thought I'd sworn off of buying food from QVC because it's usually overpriced and ends up being a disappointment, but I wanted to bring a few to our Thanksgiving host family.  When they arrived so quickly, I was a bit concerned.  The packaging was expert, IMO, the way the apples are individually wrapped and then protected with the sponge packing both on the top and bottom.  They were very secure in the box.  My husband and I shared one the other night (you know, to make sure it was fresh Smiley Wink) and we were very impressed.  The apple was not mealy or mushy, it was very crisp, and there was a generous amount of toppings.  There was one reviewer who commented on the apple being so too tart.  Apparently they don't know that's how a Granny Smith tastes.  I think using that kind of apple works well to balance the sweetness of the toppings.  I'm glad I chose the auto-delivery plan.  Getting more of these at Eastertime will work out well for us.