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I have the 11" Hudson lantern and am already having trouble withe removable candle.  Been through a fist full of batteries.  Not getting this one.

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Didn't they have a lantern tsv earlier this year? Why do it again? Oh well. I love the look, but we've had vintage nautical lanterns with flameless candles in them for more than a decade. I carry one fun to the dock on summer evenings. Lovely. The old lanterns are more interesting, but the look is nice, no matter what.

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I have 2 of the original outside luminara candles that the Q had a few years ago. One is still working but the other died after 1 year in the weather.  

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Our craft store, Pat Catans, sells tons of these lanterns and they are always on sale.  Plus if you join their club, which is free, you get 20% off purchases.  I'm not sure these were a good deal.


I don't have great luck with battery operated anything.  I blow through batteries like crazy. 

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I know this may be outdated but recently gave it as a gift and although it has a timer setting on bottom it has a button not slide.  If you have this please school me on how to use the timer.   I have other items with timers but this candle has a push button and the instructions don't say anything about a timer yet it's printed on bottom of candle.   The remote only has an on off button.   Thanks I counting on you.   


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When you push the button the first time, it's on. Push the button a second time and now it's on timer. Push it a third time and it's off. Hope this helps.