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Any idea what is the Luminara later this week?


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I love Luminara candles. I use the timers and really like that I can get them to turn on in the rooms I frequent at different times of night. This is kind of a good buy but when shipping is added, the price is high. I'm on the fence. I have noticed that our local Lowe's carries this brand now so I may check their availability and prices before I cave on this TSV. Before I ever heard of Luminara, I bought the Q's Candle Impressions candles. While they don't have the "flame" Luminara has, they're still lasting very well after maybe 10 years. Only products I don't care for in their brand are the tapers 

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@Old Dog wrote:

Any idea what is the Luminara later this week?


Check Amazon. They have a lot of them with free shipping!

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I purchased four sets of the TSV in different colors that will look lovely with my Easter decorating.


Big fan of Luminara. Have many sets in different colors for Halloween, Christmas, etc. Was missing the pastel colors for the upcoming season.


I have some similar ones with two different brands, but they don't hold a "candle" to Luminara in my opinion.

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I no longer buy things that eat batteries.  Terrible for the environment no matter how pretty they look.

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@faeriemom. That is a very good point. I think Luminara are beautiful but they are ways too expensive for my taste
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Wow....pretty colors!

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What lovely candles - they look like flowers. I'm a Luminara lover too. The timer feature is wonderful and I have several in my home. I'm digging the lotus right now.

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I just wish Luminara would change their wicks to the 3d type.  When not "lit" they look so fake. 


Last year I purchased the LightLi 7" Flameless Pillar by Luminara (Item #H225318).  As stated it is new "Retractable technology transforms from a realistic wick when off to a flickering flame when on". 


I absolutely love it.  In the day time when not "lit" there is a simulated burnt wick, then when turned on, it switches to the the "flame".  Even though it is a flat flame, when moving it doesn't look as artificial as the flat ones.  However, I still would like a 3d flame on all their products.


I do love the new colors they are offering on this TSV.