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Luminara TSV 6/26

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H-227468 Luminara 16" Heritage Tri-Candle Indoor/Outdoor Lantern $74.98

H-227469 Luminara 19" Heritage Tri-Candle Indoor/Outdoor Lantern $89.98

H-227470 Luminara 25" Heritage Tri-Candle Indoor/Outdoor Lantern $109.98

H-227471 Luminara 30" Heritage Tri-Candle Indoor/Outdoor Lantern $159.98


Choice of Red, Bronze, White, Pewter, or Black

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These are beautiful. Not sure where I would find room to display more lanterns.

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@banned again  They are beautiful! I just bought my DIL the Candle Impressions 3-candle 23" lantern. But, these are better. I wonder how much.

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Yawn.  Another lantern. 

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Really hope the candles come out

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Gee, how different and unique....NOT!

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These are beautiful, but I'm already on lantern overflow. Have this style (the Heritage) from maybe seven years ago when the Luminara lanterns came in white, bronze, red, aqua and black as the TSV.  Difference is my lanterns have one fat candle. I like the look of the multi candles. My lanterns are still going strong, quality is excellent. After 5 years of use one of mine had a broken battery cover door. I called Luminara, and they mailed me 3 replacement doors at no charge. 

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I have a small house and space is an issue. Only the smallest one would be of interest.

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I am also on lantern overflow.  My husband will not be happy if another one comes in the mail! LOL........I do love them but this type generally has the fixed candles and that I would not purchase.  I like being able to change them out as I've had a couple in the past that stopped working.  I have taken them apart and put a different candle in but it's a lot of trouble to do that.   I think these lantern TSV's are becoming overkill.

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These are pretty but nothing special.  I don't need or want anymore lanterns and certainly do not like the ones that have the candles inside bolted down.  No thank you.