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My guess is people cancelled their orders.

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@mousiegirl wrote:

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I can't remember.....was one of the color choices Black? I should have gotten that one. The Orange popped back up long enough for me to get it. Would like to get the Black, but if that wasn't a choice, I will get the Charcoal.


@World Traveler   No black, but the Hunter green looked black from a distance.

@mousiegirl Sorry, just now saw your post. 


I ended up getting the Hunter Green and it is dark, but definitely green and not black. However, I wanted the green too, so it worked out. Heart


Still hunting for black Luminara candle sets with remote and real wax like these were, and hope they bring this set back to the Q before too long. I thought someone might send them back and I could get them "as is," but that didn't happen. Smiley Sad


Did end up with the green, red, ivory, and orange. The orange is up in my office now and everyone comments on how real the candles look. In fact, someone came by to let me know that we are aren't allowed to burn candles in the office due to fire risk. I went over to put my finger on one of the flames and that stopped that conversation! ha!

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Got these last yr.Unfortunately one by one they quit working by spring.I think I might have one left.

Good luck with yours!
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@FranandZoe wrote:

Last night in the 8PM show all colors but ivory were sold out.  Now this morning they're all available.  How can this be?


       could be cancellations or qvc's selling tactic to make us purchase them.