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@beach-mom  Thanks for the response. Good point about adapting your bag to the situation ie business versus casual. I'm retired in Florida, so I don't need to factor in a professional life.  I love tropical prints. Have a bunch, in dresses, pants. The Diamond white, while patterned, has a cleaner less busy look than the other prints. So it might be the best choice for me. 

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@rockygems123 wrote:



I bought last year's TSV and carry the black purse everyday. Don't use the wallet however, prefer a different Lug wallet.

I have several lug wallets that I like. The tsv one is nice as it can be used as a wristlet too. Lug offers something for every preference 🤩😚

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This is my favorite bag.  Use it everyday.  Don't even grab any other purses any more.  I am getting the purple one.  I have two other bags and going to convert one for carrying my cam corder and instant snap camera.  Got that idea today by listening to a customer.


I like the handle choices and I use them all.

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Big Lug fan here.  I always travel with their bags and have quite a few.  I give them as gifts as well.  
Love this bag but I personally do not like any of the prints for me and the only solid I would consider is the heathered gray.  Wish the other solid choices were heathered, as they look too shiny as offered to me.  Still on the fence on the gray.  
Enjoy if you purchased.  

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This will be my first Lug purchase.  It will be replacing a very old Travelon RFID bag/wallet combo that I bought from the Q years ago.  It is literally falling apart.  I have other leather bags but I tend to reach for the more durable and lightweight choices for everyday use.


I love the red color with the maple leaf interior, it beat out my practical side that said, get black or grey!  I can see how that handle is going to be very useful. If I am happy with the lug brand I will go back for a grey or walnut bag for the fall.  The prints are pretty too!



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I was thinking of also getting the Rosewood along with the yellow I purchased. I can't you think it is a true red, which is what I want? Or is it leaning more toward a burgundy?



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I love it.  I got the gray.  I don't care if some thinks it looks like a lunch bag.  I find it very practical.  I will only buy a lug bag if it has the small handles at the top.  I like those the best.  I use my LUGs for every day bags, shopping, errands or casual restaurant eats, and for travel.  If I go to a more formal place I change into one of my leather handbags but they are too heavy for me for everyday and don't offer the superb organization of a LUG bag.

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I don't care for a lot of the tsv's they sell when they have to add something else in. 

The something else is usually something I don't want or need. I would rather see a much lower price on the main item. Rather its a cooking item or any item.

To me this bag looks like a diaper bag and for that reason plus the price I wouldn't purchase.

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I am still on the fence on ordering it.  If I did, it would definitely be the diamond white.  I'm just not sure about the shape of the bag or how often I would carry it.  

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@World Traveler wrote:

I was thinking of also getting the Rosewood along with the yellow I purchased. I can't you think it is a true red, which is what I want? Or is it leaning more toward a burgundy?



@World Traveler 


Didn't order the yellow.  Almost didn't order at all because I have 2 from last year but ended up deciding on the Rosewood.  I think the color is a deeper red than a true red, if you know what I mean.  So now I have the sand floral, think thats the name, the black, and the rosewood.  I love this bag and haven't thought of carrying anything else this past year.