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Re: Lug 7/18/20 TSV Imported Face Masks

World Traveler,

Ended up buying 2 sets and sharing with my 2 sisters.  While I  don't think the price is really TSV worthy, they are really cute and took the plunge.  I must say I find all the masks really hot to wear, but since the lipstick does not show, we might as well be stylish.  Have many lug bags that I love.  Picked the camo and the paradise.


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Re: Lug 7/18/20 TSV Imported Face Masks

I puchased these masks from the Lug website. They are so hot that I can't breathe when I wear them. I would not recommend them.

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Re: Lug 7/18/20 TSV Imported Face Masks

One good thing about all the face masks being sold on TV is that more people will see how to wear them correctly-that is, covering your mouth and nose!!!

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Re: Lug 7/18/20 TSV Imported Face Masks

@World Traveler wrote:

They've sold over 190,000 sets! That's really great. I believe I heard one of the hosts say they brought in 217,000 sets for the day. Don't think they will have any problem selling out.


Love all my LUG masks and how they fit. Nice to have mask wearing a little more palatable by having cute designs on them.

Yes they did sell alot, but when I checked this morning almost all of the patterns were back in stock. I wonder if people cancelled their orders. Also, after reading reviews I wonder how many returns they will get. 

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Re: Lug 7/18/20 TSV Imported Face Masks

I bought the camo then cancelled right after I read the post. I have several from people that were making them for free in the neighborhood but really wanted the camo since I have pants that match, oh well. Not wearing poly and I prefer the ones that are pleated because they fold up in your bag. The cotton ones are hot for me anyway so I couldn't imagine poly on my face.

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Re: Lug 7/18/20 TSV Imported Face Masks

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Just wore one of my LUG face coverings this morning to a medical appointment. The thing that I love about the LUG version is that they give you extra room in the nose area. Not that I have a big nose; I don't. But it is extra breathing area. Guess that is why it is called the Beaker! 


It was around 93 degrees outside when I went to the doctor, and going to and from the car was not a problem as far as the covering being too hot or not being able to breathe easily.


Again, the big thing for me is the extra area Ami purposely gave around the nose and also the chin area, since you can wear them either direction. And the gals in the office loved the design and wanted to know where to get it, particularly when they saw that it matched my LUG handbag, which they were also interested in.