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I liked the shape and size of the TSV, but I wish that Amy would add additional safeguards to her bags such as those that Travelon offers - locking zippers, slash-proof straps, etc. I decided not to buy it and bought a Travelon purse instead.


I have the Puddle Jumper and have purchased three as gifts, so I guess you could consider me a Lug Nut! The Puddle Jumper has made travel much easier for me - now, I want to buy the Mini Puddle Jumper, but it's not available anymore on QVC. Hope they get a new shipment soon!

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Thx Equss! That is almost perfect, but I’m in the high School and I carry it all day, so the huge wording would make me stick out like an old broad, lol!  I try to blend in... Take care 👒

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I also ordered the travelon F12811 instead. It comes with RFID protection and is half the price.
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Re: Lug 10/27 TSV?

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I ordered the tsv, I really liked the purple shade. It annoys me that QVC allowed reviews already, saying the hardware color wears off. This is a brand new LUG style, they couldn't have the bag already. Even if they purchased it via The Insider!  I also never had that happen with my other LUG bags.

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It's the perfect size for me. I orderd the navy since I almost always wear navy.

Glad they made the strap shoulder adjustable. I cannot wear a strap across my body like that. Just not comfy IMO.

All crossbody bag makers need to take note. We want a shoulder strap plus the 2 1/2" diameter instead of the 1" or so.

Make it a usable size for those of us like me that don't want to carry a suitcase for a handbag.

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My TSV is still "in processing"; is yours?


I ordered it two days before it was presented.

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Have not gotten mine yet.  Yes its very disconcerting that people are saying the finish wears off.  I have a lug carousel and have never had a problem with that.

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Also it does not seem like they would have had the bag and used it for long enough for the finish to wear off.

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I have other Lug bags too and the hardware has never rubbed off.


I got my bag yesterday and I love it. Got the gold. The size is just right for me as I have never carried a large bag. I also always love a crossbody for everyday use so I can be hands free.

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This is what I posted over in the Travel Forum yesterday, 11/3.


Got my Flapper today, brushed navy. LOVE IT!! I love my Can-Can, but the just-a-little-bit-more space that I am getting with the Flapper is awesome! And I really like the special pocket for the cell phone with the nice lining.


Although I would have preferred one of the prints (which will come out soon, I am sure!), this will work quite well with my Puddle Jumper Wheelie that I got a few months ago and haven't used yet. 


Quite interesting what just a 1/2 inch or so makes when you are trying to put things into a handbag. 


Not sure I will be using the two window pockets for photos or ID, but definitely want to take it on my March trip to Japan. Will probably use my Can-Can for zipping around town, doing errands, etc. 


Very, very happy with this bag!


Also love the matching wallet I got a few days ago! Smiley Happy