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One of the models was wearing these jeans and they were dragging on the floor. This looks so sloppy. I would not wear clothing designed for that look.

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These are nice, but I have to pass. First the inseam is too long, and the petite inseam is a tad too short (I'm right in between - petite but long legged). I ordered another pair of her jeans last year to try them, but every time I wear them they gap at the back of my waist. I still wear them, but I have to be sure to wear something that will cover that well. I do like the fabric in these jeans! Smiley Happy

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I just ordered these, my first pair of this brand. I am 5 feet, 6 inches, I weigh 153. I ordered a large, I’m wondering does this material stretch a lot? I take a 12 in jeans. 

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I have 2 pairs of these that I ordered several months ago. The garment measurement wasn’t up until today so a few days ago I ordered 1 pair to see how close they were to the 2 pr’s I already have (and love). I rec’d the TSV pr today and fit is identical. I love them and will be getting more colors. I don’t have the sagging or sliding down that some have mentioned on here and they don’t stretch out at all. They keep their shape all day. They are very soft and do have stretch, but like Laurie says, the stretch recovery brings them right back. I am 5’8” and am wearing the tall (34” inseam) with a pr of Marc Fisher wedges. I do recommend if on the fence and feel they are worth the TSV price. HTH!


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I was just looking at the garment measurements, finally they got posted, and to me it looks like the difference between the hip and waist is not that much...only a few inches. So it would seem like the waist would be too big if I went by hip measurements. That's not gonna work for me. I need a smaller waist measurement in my jeans or I'll have to wear a belt like I usually do anyway. My waist is much smaller than my hips so there's always a gap in my jeans unfortunately.

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@elated wrote:

 The petite inseam is 29" . I wear a 26 1/2" , this is not a petite inseam.



That is petite with high heels on! 


My inseam is 29 so I need a bit longer. 


I don't care for the hem on these pants but I woud be tempted to get them if that were diffeent. 

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@LipstickdivaYes they do, I just wore them today and they work themselves down your hips about a half inch or more. I think my jeans are a little to loose in the waist so that's why they move. I wear cotton panties when I wear these jeans and it helps some, I guess I need to have the waist taken in. Even though the jeans slide down a bit, these are great looking jeans on the body and are very comfortable.

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Are flares back in style? I only see skinny.

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I don't think they ever went out of style. Flare and boot cut are classics as far as jeans go. It just depends on what your personal style is.

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@SleepyTime wrote:

Are flares back in style? I only see skinny.

@SleepyTime  I was going to say the same thing.  Haven’t seen anybody wearing flared jeans since the 70’s