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I bought A290390 when it was a TSV.  I thought it was cute and a little funky.

I was expecting a more cushioned footbed and the footbed on this shoe was very hard. Unfortunately, because the vendor touted the comfort of this shoe, and I experienced otherwise,  I have never ordered another of this brand. 

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I also wear a size 8 in non-European sizing and a 7 1/2 in most I haven’t ordered yet because of size concerns. I preferred when QVC allowed “insiders” to pre-order so we could read reviews about sizing. I may end up ordering the 39’s.


Sizing  recommendations anyone on this particular shoe?

Thanks in advance

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Re: London Fly TSV

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@gtx wrote:

I heard him say that if you are between sizes, go up. I wear 6 1/2 to 7. I went up to 7. It gives me room (hopefully) for my bunion. I don't mind if they are a little loose.


I too wear a 6.5M but often times sandals come in only whole sizes.  I hate the look of toes on the edge so go with a 7.  I have quite a few pairs of FL both closed pumps and sandals.  Everyone of them is a 37.  I am hesitant to order 38 but it seems to me the last TSV had a similar sizing issue. All of my FL were purchased at Nordstrom or Zulily and they use a different size conversion chart than QVC. 6.5 - 7 is a 37 and I've never had a problem.


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They may be extremely comfy, but those jagged soles are so unattractive.  I'm reminded of Frankenstein's monster's shoes. 

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I tried Fly London twice, returned them twice and never bought them again. I swore I never would. The fit was not right on me. 

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I love the pearl and the poppy. This is a good price. I have a wid-ish foot and I’m pretty sure the sizing won’t work for me.
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I loved them.  I wanted several colors.  I really like FLY london.  I didn't buy as I wasn't sure if I needed a 38 or 39.  I'd not have been able to exchange as my size is sold out anyway in the color I wanted. 


I will wait for reviews.  I'll just pay more if I end up really wanting them-after reading sizing reviews.

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