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@RetRN wrote:

@Carolina925 wrote:

It would be good for pumpkin and apple picking.

Or date night.

Old retired couples in Florida like Hubby and me, can have "date night" anytime. We don't need special clothes to go to Sonnys BBQ. lol and certainly not a weird looking jacket like this logo one

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I often wear a hoodie to walk my dog so I like big pockets to hold my cellphone and the bag I need for my dog's business.  LOL  But I'm not a fan of this hemline.  

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Hope others like this..... the hemline is a big no for me!

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Nothing special 

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It looks like the host gained weight with it on.  Not flattering on her.

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Please make it go away.

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I find her designs to be ridiculous of late.  She looks like a clown when she styles all her layers of colors and prints that look hideous together.  

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       Way too much fabric, makes host and models look like they are swimming in cloth!!  And .... again a hood!  Just don't like nor need anything with a hood.  BUT, I do love the colors!

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That is one of the worst pieces of clothing offered.


The bottom section balloons out so anyone with a hip it billows out. The zipper puckers and the ties definitely cheapen it.  A Satin ribbon tie would of even been an upgrade.  It's really just a glorified sweatshirt.


It actually looks like a Little Miss Riding Hood jacket.


What was she thinking, that is not a LOGO quality piece and especially not worthy of a TSV.



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Not a flattering item, and the hi-lo hem has got to go. Enough with the hoodies.