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@Sweetbay magnolia I have many sets of lock n lock. Trying to keep from ordering the tsv in lavendar. Smiley Happy

Yes, I have found they are excellent for storing dry things. I have all my sugars and teas in them. I would definitely recommend.

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@Mdroderick wrote:

Does lock n lock stain when heating chili or spaghetti sauce in the microwave?

I have used L&L for year's and have never had any issue's with staining. When I make red sauce's for chili and spaghetti I do wait until the sauce cool's before putting them in the L&L and I never use them in the microwave with red sauce's. HTH

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Interesting array of colors.  I was surprised that copper was excluded,  as that seemed to be a very popular option in recent years.  I've ordered many sets over the years and use them everywhere everyday. 

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Re: LocknLock TSV 5/26

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@deeva wrote:

If I didn't have so many sets, I would order the TSV. 


          If there weren't so many pieces, I might have considered buying!!  Would have liked an option - whole set or half a set!!  I just don't need that many storing containers. 

          I never put my plastic L&L in the microwave. Have pretty much changed over to glass for heating.  


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I just ordered the TSV in red. I figured it was wise to order before ITKWD tonight... Smiley Very Happy

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@Sweetbay magnolia   it keeps everything well.  I have my clear set for many many years and it has held up well with no issues.   

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I don't need any more LnL but did order this set as I want the rectangles. Rectangles just fit better in fridge, freezer and cupboard. I'm using my rounds for storage in other areas or eliminating some pieces.



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These stain very easy. From when they first started at the Q, their quality has gone downhill. I get my containers at Costco or Sam's. Better products.
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@brandiwine wrote:
These stain very easy. From when they first started at the Q, their quality has gone downhill. I get my containers at Costco or Sam's. Better products.

Could you please explain why you think the quality has gone south?  I have a set that is 8 years old and I was thinking of ordering this but would like to see your comments before I order.  Thanks

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Re: LocknLock TSV 5/26

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Received my two sets of the L & L TSV's in the Aqua. Beautiful color and it is packaged nicely.

I bought the two sets one day before the TSV was on air. It was really quick to receive them. One set is for a wedding shower and one I think I will keep the other set myself. I will pass some of my almost new ones I have along if I decide to keep it myself.

If you want to put spaghetti sauce in them I line them with Saran Wrap and then fold it over the sauce and shut it. I love them so I don't take a chance on staining them and it stays well when frozen like that. After it is frozen you can lift out the spaghetti sauce and and no staining. 
I use this method for many things as the food lifts right out to use. You can make single servings and freeze and then when frozen put them in a ziplock bag also.