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K-51309 LocknLock 13-Pc Multi-Function Nestable Storage Set with Handle $29.98

10 Colors

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If you don't have any sets like this then this is a good TSV.  We use all these sizes for leftovers, lunchmeat, cheese etc.  surprising how many time you need a small size for a smaller item.  

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Thank you for info.  I have purchased and used LocknLock over the last several years; I have used it in different rooms of the house, not just in the kitchen.  The TSV looks like a good assortment and the price is excellent, IMO.  I may have to tune in!

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I just ordered the Aqua. It went through at the TSV price.

Thanks. I needed a wedding shower gift coming up.

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If I didn't have so many sets, I would order the TSV. 

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I have bought so much rose gold in the past year - I would have bought this in rose gold, if offered.  But I honestly don't need it in a different color.

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I have no L&L.  Is it good for storing granulated sugar?  Pasta, cereal?  Pretzels?  Keeps things fresh?


I wouldn't mind a little bit more order in my pantry but I wonder if it's worth the effort to transfer things to the containers.


Thanks for your insight.

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Does lock n lock stain when heating chili or spaghetti sauce in the microwave?

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@Mdroderick wrote:

Does lock n lock stain when heating chili or spaghetti sauce in the microwave?

The lock n lock stain if you put sauces in them. That has been my experience.

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Mine have stained over the years as well!