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Are they glass? 

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Re: Lock&Lock TSV

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I saw at midnight ET a note on the screen that orders MAY be wasn't on the TSV price chart, but on another choice of L+L.


I like the TSV, but my cupboards are going to do what that one David's show does one day soon....all the L+L will tumble out!


I have it in cupboards, in the basement, storing cat food under the counter...they're all over!!



I think I have enough!!!!


IF I buy the TSV, I could use them to store previous L+L pieces in!!!


Now THAT would be a twist!



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I love glass and purchased square/rectangular containers with glass from OXO.  Plastic can stain which I hate but place some spaghetti sauce in plastic and it's good bye plastic.  No more lock & lock for me.

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@staciesmom wrote:

Are they glass? 

No.  They are plastic.  

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@Queen of shop I AGREE WITH YOU!

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@Missy323 It says it's available to ship 9/23/22 on the listing.  It will show it's advance orders because of that.



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I lock n lock but I have  some pieces I have not used yet.  I think the chocolate brown is pretty.  I just ordered recently some more keepers with dividers for my lunches. I think those are great and I freeze leftovers and take to work at some point.  Grab and go.



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I like that these are nestable with handles for the 4 larger bowls. I personally don’t need anymore L&L but these would be perfect for gifting especially since you can give 4 gifts for less than $10 each. Perfect for teachers, your child’s bus driver, neighbors, your hair stylist or nail tech, the gift recipients are endless! I’m thinking of ordering the green for 4 Christmas gifts. Some cellophane with a bow and done!
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Wow these are selling. 60,000 plus orders so far.
They look like the same quality as the Christmas ones I bought in July. I am using the containers already thanks to ants. The tabs are far less thick then any of my previous ones I own.
I passed because of this.