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Hubbs says there is a lota sugar and caffeine in this product. ( dark chocolate)

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I really had no intention of doing a cost comparison, but since October is a long time away, I got a 15.2 oz bag of white chocolate LLT's.  


While I was pouring those gold foiled beauties out in a dish, I thought I would count them and do a little math just to see if the TSV was a good deal. 


There was a 36 count, so it made them a little over 33 cents a piece. So the TSV is a tiny fraction better, with the added bonus of multi flavors. 


Still, no regrets. 




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If you go to a Lindt outlet store, you can select only your favorite flavors. They always have a similar deal; 100 truffles for $30 (used to be $25). I've ordered them from QVC a few times, though, as I like a variety of flavors but for those that only like a few specific ones, consider going to one of their outlets. Here in the northeast, you can frequently find a Lindt store at any outlet mall.