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She looks the absolute best in this 'wig"


on the other hand.....why can't shawn push her glasses up!!!!



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Both Leah and Shawn look better with their wigs than their regular hair styles.

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I agree about Leah!  Having less hair shows off her beautiful face, which is hidden with all the hair she regularly has. Very beautiful woman!

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I don't agree. Those wigs are horrible!

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Leah appears younger ... is she married?


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I wish she would fluff it up a little. It looks too wiggy. She does look pretty though.

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Leah is beautiful, and she looks adorable tonight! She looks cute and fun and flirty and ready for lunch and a drink with her friends!  Smiley Wink

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Leah is a beautiful woman.  That wig looked very pretty on her when looking straight.  But when she turned her head sideways, you saw that horrible, huge bump-out on top and back that instantly says "wig!"  It just sat high up back there -- not a good look at all.

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I love Leah's natural hair.  I thought the wig looked awful.

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@Bettyanne ..............most likely those are reading glasses, you can see up close but not far away with them.  Hence instead of adjusting them every other minutes you perch them down on the nose.  You will be there some day.

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