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All I could notice was Leah babbling on and on about the packaging of how the bear and throw were tied together with a ribbon. I was like  OMG - who really cares. You could tell he wanted to move on to another throw but she had to keep repeating that fact. And, I do not how many times she said you also got the bear - really Leah, we already know that, it says so  on the screen - a throw AND a bear. Her and Dennis do not make a good match. He kept looking at her like yeah whatever Leah - now, that me talk about my throws! I generally like Leah, but not with things for the home and definitely not with Dennis. I'm sure he is not the easiest person to work with, so pair him with a host that will put up with him, gush over him a bit,  and put in him in his place when need be. Anyhow, picked up the throw in both the chinchilla colors. Got the pony last year. Love his throws...

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Another post says Dennis is out of control talking and not letting Leah go through the colors.  It's interesting to note how differeent some perceive things when they watch.

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Re: Leah and Dennis....

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What bugs me is that they claim this throw is over-sized.  It certainly is not.  My husband would need one that's bigger and he's not a very tall guy.  A really good sized throw for me would be 60 x 70 at least.


Ellen's throws are a nice size at 50 x 70.  This could work for me & my husband. 

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Another case of a host not knowing when to shut down.  I have amost stopped watching for this reason. I am absolutely certain that the vendor knows more about the product than the host, but they seem to feel they have to interject their phony enthusiastic verbage into the presentation. When you have nothing informative to say, you should say nothing and let the guy who brought the merchandise speak.