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I've bought 17 LC pieces, all cast iron:

6 round dutch, 2 large oval dutch, 5 oval grill pans, 3 brasiers, teapot w/mugs. 


I gave 1/2  to my children for gifts, sold a few on Ebay the day after they arrived at my home-of course inspecting first.


One came from Nordstrom, one from Bed Bath Beyond-which came defective and LC replaced it right away-


The rest from QVC. They were perfect.

I never think twice buying from Q even with big ticket items because they've always made things right.


I've bought from Q because of Easy pay, and would hold off on big ticket items for me or gifts until Holiday Return started, because I want to make sure whatever I buy is something I'll really use, and as gifts I may give early so my children can do the same.




Even though what I really want hasn't been on special for a few years, and I was really hoping the TSV would have been the 5.5qt Round Dutch, or the roaster, preferably  w/lid.


I'll buy them as soon as they get more colors other than the 1 color in each which they've had forever.

 If they don't have other colors by the end of Oct,  I'll purchase them somewhere else. 





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It might not be seconds but overstock items.  Perhaps they produced too much and made a deal to sell on QVC.  Or perhaps they made extra extra stock hoping they would sell on QVC.  I have a few of the Le Creuset from years passed. The way I cook it would not make a difference what I use to cook in.  LOL

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I have bought two pieces at the Le Creuset shop at a prime outlet center....the pieces look perfect and were less than half the price of new ones. The ones I bought were discontinued colors, but perfect otherwise. Mine are a pale green. The store does also sell seconds but they are so minuscule they don't effect their performance or use. The associates are required to show you any imperfections prior to purchase. 


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I've purchased Le Creuset at outlet stores at a discount.😊 It's nice to inspect them before you make your purchase.

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Prices are ridiculous.

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Legal department would never allow them to see seconds and not mention it. I know a lawyer who works for them and believe me, he has told me how careful they are to follow the law.