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@Skybelle98 QVC buyers decide which and how many. For whatever reason, they passed on your shade : (

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Maybe they thought 2 blues were enough.

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Home Goods (Marshall's) is where to buy Le Creuset.  You may not get the color you are looking for, but you sure get a great price.  If I recall, half of what you can buy these pans for elsewhere, especially QVC.

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

If I  got one of these pans as a gift.... I would hit the recipient over the head with it.

I don't agree, but that sure made me laugh!

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

If I  got one of these pans as a gift.... I would hit the recipient over the head with it.

I have a relative who loves Le Creuset.  She gets pieces as gifts for x-mas.  


I love the looks of the line but they are just too heavy for me, before you even put anything in them.  

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WS 25% off excludes Le Creuset, Staub and Vitamix and more....

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Outlet stores are THE best places to buy!  Great service, first AND second quality and incredible values. 

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Outlet store is the only place I would ever buy Le Creuset.  The deals are fantastic.  

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Good morning reaching out to le creuset users. bought the skillet and after two uses it looks terrible. does it always discolor this fast?
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@GinaMB Welcome to the boards.  If you go to Le Creuset's official website the Care and Use section will answer all of your questions.


Now if you are talking about the black interior cooking surface it is normal for there to be a patina built up over time from cooking in it.  That is part of its function.


As to the exterior enamel if that is already discoloring then you are using it incorrectly.  With gas never have the flames touch anything except the pan or pot's bottom--the flames should never lick up the sides.  The heat retention of these pans is phenomenal.  Never use above a medium heat on the top of the stove.


Use a soft cleaning pad such as a Dobie.  No need for harsh scouring powder or abrasive pads on interior or exterior.  If there IS any food stuck on let the pan cool down completely.  Put in a dab of dish detergent (I use Dawn) and add water and let it soak a good while.  Then wipe out with a dish cloth, soft sponge, or Dobie pad, rinse, dry completely, and all should be good.  A certain amount of patina develops on the interior surface and is desirable, same as with Non enameled cast iron cookware.


If you watch the demo videos you will see them use the deglazing cooking technique.  Not only does this give a wonderful sauce from using the fond from cooking but when the vessel is emptied of the sauce you have much less--or nothing--sticking to the surface.


A lot of this cooking and cleaning technique applies to other cooking utensils, such as stainless steel.  You really shouldn't and don't need to use high heat on the stove top.  Have some patience--faster isn't always better for the food or the pan--and by using the vessels properly you will have excellent results in the food and the cleanup. 


Hope you find this helpful.  And, again, welcome to the community.  Hope to see you over in the Kitchen or Recipes sections soon!