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I just got the meringue -- yeah!  Don't mean to be obnoxious, but tried to order it this a.m. and got the 'cannot ship to this address' - which means it was sold out.Woman Sad  Just checked back online while watching the L&L show and it was available!!!  I went from a shucks moment to a hooray one!


I like the shape of this dutch oven - higher being better for me!


I've gotten a couple pieces from QVC and I've always been quite pleased.  They certainly weren't cheapened up merchandise.


Now, I'll have to search for some yummy recipes!


Hoping all who ordred the TSV enjoy cooking up so goodies!!!Woman Very Happy

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Iceberg....the white label is easily removed when you get the is NOT meant to remain on the pot. It's like a post-it sticky note....VERY easy to just peel off!!!!


Hope this helps.


Le Creuset of America has this very same pot on thier site for 330.00, so this is a good deal....


If you like it, get it!!!

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@faeriemoon wrote:

I'm not really interested in a deep Dutch oven.  I prefer the wider and shallower "regular" 5.5 that most of us have at least one of.


I'm pretty sure I have seen the TSV on the Le Creuset website for the TSV price or less at some point in the past.  The Q perk will probably be an exclusive color or some other ridiculous selling point.

I prefer wider and shallower too overall. I have the 6.75 risotto pot and a few Staub shallow pots as well. This particular deep pot is one I bought last year at SLT and the added depth has been particularly nice for stovetop use.