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@Skyegirl21 When we had a big Sur La Table in a local mall, they carried a huge display that appeared on shelves in several windows. Beautiful -  made me wish for more display space at home!


I have never once seen any locally at our TJMax, Marshall's or Home Goods.

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Re: Le Creuset TSV

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One last tip... if you DO buy this pot today....if you decide to get a correct cast iron lid in the future, maybe from ebay, MOST of them don't have the Stainless Steel knob that comes with today's glass


The lid is a Le Creuset Number 24 ROUND lid....make sure you don't get an OVAL lid!!!


Make sure you keep that stainless steel knob from today's glass lid, to install on whatever lid you may find on Ebay!! 


The LC stainless steel knobs run about 25.00 on Q's site....and are good to 500 degrees.


Just switch them....then you can keep using the glass lid on some other pot you may have that it fits.


The knobs come off easily with a screw driver.


Also...I see reviews on this site from shoppers who don't realize that the Le Creuset STICKER on the pot peels off!!!!


They actually cook with it, it sticks on, and then they complain about the sticker sticking or deforming. Sheeeesh!!!!


I hear Nate explaining now that the sticker peels maybe that will end these comments.....

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I'm not going to buy this, because I don't need it.  I bought the same size in Staub on QVC ages ago when it was on clearance.   I will say the size is great, I was only cooking for two and now just me, but the size was great for making stroganovs, pot roasts and stews.   

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Food is just not that important to me to spend $200 on cooking utensils but I know people who do cook who spend a lot of money on same

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Really don't want the glass lid but love the size for everyday use.  

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I ordered the Seasalt at midnight and it said advance order.  I canceled this morning because I don't like the glass lid.  I felt sorry for Nate because Rick wouldn't let him talk & kept interrupting.  Finally turned it off and went to bed.

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Thank you for the heads up! I ordered from W&S. I decided on the agave color. It's really pretty..I remember a few years ago I bought a similar color. This almost 68 year old mind can't remember what the color was called.😁
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Re: Le Creuset TSV

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Thanks for all the replies!  I love the looks of this pot but I do think it's too small for soup or stew - at least the ones I make.  It's beautiful though.   And I think it's too expensive for an "everyday" or "everything" pot.  That's just me.


And Caaareful Shopper thanks for the heads up on the WS sale!

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I LOVE this size pot, bought this exact size Le Creuset several years ago from QVC and I make all kinds of soup and other roasts, prime rib. I am ordering a second one since this is apparently being taken out of inventory on the Q . Am now watching David with the representative of this pot and at beginning of segment, they showed squash soup. Would love to have that RECEIPE that was shown!!! MJ

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I have so many Le Creuset's - Including this size however im actually looking forward to getting this pan with the glass lid, something a little different and i agree it will be perfect for a buffet.