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Re: Lazy Boy TSV January 7th 2024

I haven't bought livingroom furniture for a few years, and I'm stunned at the price of these recliners. I know La Z Boy is a well respected and well made brand, but this model looks cheap to me.JMO

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Re: Lazy Boy TSV January 7th 2024

@RescueLover wrote:
@Effie 54 Thanks for the heads up! February is right around the corner so I can wait.

It's fun to shop for that comfy chair. I think we tried every chair in the La-Z-Boy store....twice. You get a real feel of it's s and proportion. Also, it's good to see the fabrics in person. 

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Re: Lazy Boy TSV January 7th 2024

My family between us all we have quite a few La-Z-Boys and we all enjoy them. I will say that my husband most nights falls asleep watching tv while sitting in one of ours. My father was the same.

We have one that is over 70 yrs old, too. It has held up rather well.

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Re: Lazy Boy TSV January 7th 2024

The TSV is a good price... a really good price.


I bought a chair last winter from Lazy boy directly.  The prices you see on line on their website are for the basic stripped down model.


You will pay extra for the upgraded foam on the seat, the rocking mechanism, the upgraded fabric, and delivery fees.


I live close to a brick and mortar store.  They would not allow me to pick it up myself.  It had to be delivered.

You will pay much more if you buy the chair directly, but of course, you will have more fabric choices.

if I needed another chair, I would not hesitate to buy from QVC if I liked the fabric choices.


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Re: Lazy Boy TSV January 7th 2024

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You need to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. I was on the Lazy boy site last night and this morning.


I am going to go with QVC, especially since they are offering 18 months interest free financing. I am just trying to decide on the color. 


My brother has had one for years, and every time I go to his house. I find myself in his chair. 


****Update**** 2/25/24 I am returning the chair and in case anyone pulls this thread up for reference I wanted that to be known. The motor is wonky, and I do not feel that it will last, I am also not confident in the QVC Warranty issued through Lazy Boy. 


I am too short for this chair, my feet do not touch the ground if I am not reclined. I did go into the store this past weekend, where they had a fabulous Presidents Day sale, and I was able to sit in chairs that are made for petite frames and height and purchase directly through them.


 Kuddos to QVC, I have had no problems setting up to return this item. They will be picking it up this Saturday. 

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Re: Lazy Boy TSV January 7th 2024

I always buy local when it comes to large appliances and furniture because they can usually deliver to my home and remove the old one if necessary. Also, if the color I want isn't in stock, they can normally order what I want. 

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Re: Lazy Boy TSV January 7th 2024

You are paying a lot for that Lazyboy name. Last year I bought a jumbo power recliner from that also has a power lift option, and heat and vibration, for $400. It is wonderful! Mine does not rock or have a headrest motor like the TSV, but I didn't need those options. I paid a lil extra for a 5 yr warranty. There are cheaper options out there if you don't mind a generic name. I do recommend picking a chair designed for your body size, meaning width and height. Mine is wider for my plus size body and the back is tall enough so my head rests nicely. For those buying the TSV, enjoy it! Most of the colors/patterns did not appeal to me.
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Re: Lazy Boy TSV January 7th 2024

I own the Findlay swivel rocker which we just got in October from the lazy boy store. Shipping was free, delivery was handled in the way it is portrayed on QVC and the price was better locally at the store.