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The Trekking bike is bigger than the folding bike.
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Something is odd.  It think it's very telling that Tony Little has resisted folding it in the two full presentations I saw.  Right now, the host, Tamara, actually asked him to demonstrate folding it.  Tony went on about the reputation of Land Rover and the quality of the bike, and the fun you can have, etc., etc., etc.  He never folded the bike!



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Once I asked my husband if he wanted to rent an E-bike for a day tour, and he said absolutely not, riding an E-bike is like cheating.


He is an excellent bike rider.  He has a road bike (skinny tires for racing), and an all-purpose bike (to use on streets).  He does not really want a mountain bike, but he knows how to do that as well.


His bike has a lot of carbon fiber and is strong and lightweight. Some road bikes cost more than cars!


We have many bike paths near the parks and he will bike around the paths--much safer and smoother.  Biking is excellent exercise, and I wish I could ride as well as he can, but my best biking days were when I was a teenager!

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Re: Land Rover Bike HSN TS

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A little off topic, when Tony Little took off his bike helmet, I was surprised to see that he has a full head of curly hair, I always thought that he was partially bald on top because I've never seen him without his cap while doing demos on HSN, fooled me, lol.