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Re: Lamo TSV -- 10/31 - quality?

if you are looking for a less expensive version of Uggs, try Payless Shoes.  I am serious.  No, it will not be an Ugg, or even a Lamo, but it is still good quality for the $$.

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Re: Lamo TSV -- 10/31 - quality?

I wear some.  But I much prefer the real thing.  I own Uggs & Emu's, & another brand from Australia can't pronounce it but similar in sound to Kangaroo.  Uggs by the way with a capital U is a trademark brand to boots sold only in North America.  In Australia, all sheepskin/shearling boots, etc are all called uggs.  (lower case) 


Lamo's are OK.  Tend to be kind of short in size. But I only wear them with socks. 

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Re: Lamo TSV -- 10/31 - quality?



I am thinking that I would wear these out and not care if they got dirty. As it is, I rarely wear my pink UGGS because I don't want to spoil them!

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Re: Lamo TSV -- 10/31 - quality?

@Biftu wrote:

Notice how during the presentations they never show the back of the boot with that ugly label.  May have tried them if it did not have that label.

The photo on the homepage of this TSV clearly shows the back of the boots with the label and in the video presentation, one of the models is shown turned around, displaying the label (on the blue pair).


I admit I don't like it either, but they definitely have shown it, so I don't really think they're trying to mislead anyone.

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Re: Lamo TSV -- 10/31 - quality?

They sold a huge amount of them  - most of the colors sold out even,  Then shipping got delayed, then delayed again ( with no communication from QVC until people started complaining)   and then BAM!  the orders were cancelled.  Then reinstated ,   Oh and they actually "recalled"  any boots that had already been shipped.


Some QA issue that was bad enough to require a recall of over 50/60K pairs of boots.


By the time they finally shipped them - IIRC  it was over a month later -- I had already  decided to just keep the order cancelled.

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Re: Lamo TSV -- 10/31 - quality?

I also ordered the Bear Paws boots from HSN. Much better quality then the Lamo here.

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Re: Lamo TSV -- 10/31 - quality?



SKIP this TSV! The fit and quality are awful!! I went back to UGGS after trying these boots. SO disappointing!Woman Frustrated

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Re: Lamo TSV -- 10/31 - quality?

Sorry Sydney, I just saw this. I've never gotten mine wet enough to find out if they bleed. 

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Re: Lamo TSV -- 10/31 - quality?

How is faux fur not cruelty free? How is real sheepskin/shearling cruelty free?
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Re: Lamo TSV -- 10/31 - quality?

I've been seeing a bunch of Lamo boots at Winners in Canada now, enough of the UGG style type of boots that I figure their parent corporation TJX probably bought up the QVC overstock because I'm always seeing Clarks shoes and White Mountain shoes as well as Marc Fisher shoes that I'm pretty sure are also sold on QVC. Are you seeing Lamo boots at TJ Maxx and Marshall's in the U.S. too?