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Anyone know what the LG TSV is on Monday??  I need a new phone soon!!

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Try Amazon-many LGs including Tracfones. Got my last one there.

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Dan just showed that the LG product will be a new TV set.

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Yes a way over priced 55 inch tv, all you have to do to make your tv smart is buy a Roku or any streaming device and your good to go.  And something tells me they will have plenty of cheaper models Black Friday Weekend every where.  Save your coins and wait.

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Re: Labor Day TSV

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Part of the reason for the high price is because it's 4k not just HD.  But a point to know about 4k technology is that in most cases, the eye can't tell the diference between 4k and HD.  If the screen was huge or you were sitting very close, you might be able to tell that the 4k resolution was better, but at the size of this tv, probably not.  The eye is just not sensitive enough to see the difference.

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I waited until my big tube TV died until I invested in new flat panel   55 inch flat screen  7 years is still going strong.  I never buy into the new TV sales ploys.... I buy TV's -- use them until they die.....and THEN and only then buy a new TV.  I can not believe anyone would buy a new TV just for the newest greatest add on.