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this is a beautiful leather recliner


i wish i needed it


the color choices are glorious


it is not huge.  you can tell the perspective when a small host sits in it.

 42"H x 38"W x 39"D; Seat 21"H x 19"W x 22"D



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LZB has had commercials running all week for 30% off in stores this weekend, price it there first!! They also have beautiful accesories in their stores. 

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I find the chair very nice looking and yet not enough to just be left with it at the front entry of my home. I am not strong enough to handle what I have read in other posts about what is needed to set it up in the location one desires. Thanks for the feedback of the wonderful white glove service you received. I have visited the actual website today and was looking for something similar to TSV 

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@Grace729 wrote:

Possible could take the plunge yet would like to hear any one who is willing to share their experience with this brand and Qvc before doing so. Going to watch the demo thru out day and eyeing several color choices so will take my time. Just purchased a new split level home and have a huge living area on top with lovely bay window. Have been taking my time furnishing the area and desiring to invest in quality furniture. Often felt these chairs were too masculine for my preference yet in aging considering the comfort level. would love to hear about anyone else's experience 🙏

I have 2 Lazy Boy Recliners in my bedroom and 1 Ashley Recliner in family room.  Bought the 2 Lazy Boys in 2018 and they were $964.  Not leather but definitely not small.  The Ashley Recliner was bought in 2020 and its leather and cost $479, including tax and delivery and delivery was at least $80 or more (I remember because we thought about saving the delivery charge bc Ashley Furniture was just 10 minutes from our house but we couldn't pick it up there, we'd have to go into the city which we didn't want to do).  We looked at recliners a long time.  Always going to the store(s) when they had a sale.  The thing about the sale is, those recliners are tiny.  They're not made for regular size person.  I'm 5'4" and it was tiny on me.  You really need to see it, look at it and sit in it.  Our Ashley recliner is a little larger than our Lazy Boy ones.  The height on it is 41 inches, just the seat measure 20 x 24 and width (arm to arm) is 44 inches.  

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I would not like ordering something this large and having it delivered to my front doorway. DH and I together would not be abe to move it to the den where it would need to go. I do realize some don't allow delivery people into the house due to liability isses.

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La-Z-Boy chair and other items are comfortable.

We have four items of theirs. I grew up with La-Z-Boy chairs. My parents inherited the chairs from my grandparents.

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That vendor is getting a little punchy.  Lots of giggling.

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Great advice @Etoile308