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LUG Backpack TSV?

I am looking for a backpack for travel in 2019.  I like the Lug Medium backpack style.  


Before I order, just checking to see if there would be any offered as a TSV.


Don't want to miss any new features. 




Happy New Year All!

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Re: LUG Backpack TSV?

Try their website. I’ve purchased some of their bags at 50%off

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Re: LUG Backpack TSV?

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Re: LUG Backpack TSV?

Checking the program guide, it looks like Lug has no planned TSV dates in January and they only release pre-sale info a few days in advance. Unless you contact Lug or QVC directly, there's no way of knowing if Lug has a backpack planned a a TSV.


You can check Zulily, the Lug website, or ebags to see if any of them have Lug bags on sale. Zulily had some a few days ago and Lug shows up there pretty often. Ebags also has frequent sales, but their base prices are higher than QVC, so compare before you buy.

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Re: LUG Backpack TSV?

I almost purchased yesterday but couldn’t decide on colors.  Then I read the reviews.  Handles peeling & loose stitching so decided not to. That’s what happens with mass production.