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I really don't like to speak badly of anyone or their particular sense of style but I honestly don't get the fascination with the styling aspect of this line. A lot of those pairings are waaaay too out there for me but clearly there is a cult-like following as hundreds, maybe thousands, of women are (according to them) replacing entire closets with LOGO--at an average of $50/piece. Yes, this has to be a very lucrative venture for LOGO/QVC indeed! 


I have purchased two tops from this line, one at regular price and one at a discounted price, but the prices prohibit me from buying more of the few conservative pieces she offers.

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@Leiloni wrote:

THANK YOU!!!!!  Finally, someone that gets me! I wouldn't be caught dead in her tacky junk, she calls clothes! Looks like I finally met my new best friend, someone that isn't at all impressed w/ LOGO, like myself, YUCK! Isn't her stuff simply the worst or what & she charges way the H*ll too much for all of those pieces of rags too!!!

I'm always amused when someone complains about the price of something they don't like, and would never buy!  Smiley LOL


Reminds me of a quote from a Woody Allen movie:


 The food here is terrible, and the portions are too small.


@ALRATIBA I'm sorry I offended you. I'm a size 6 or 8 depending if that's why you brought up the Woody Allen food portions & I'm vegan.



No you didn't offend me at all.  You actually amused me!


Sorry if my Woddy Allen quote didn't register with you ... 


To explain .... what I find amusing is when someone complains how much they don't like something (food was awful) and then complain about the prices (size of portions).

@ALRATIBA The most important thing is that I didn't offend you or anyone else, that makes me feel better. I get the Woody Allen food thing now, sorry sometimes it takes things awhile to register with me. LOL! Take care! :-) L

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Who buys this line?  These styles are too childish for grown women!!  Actually, I wouldn't even dress my child this way, so tacky. Love Dennis Basso, now that is real fashion!!!

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I agree. Logo clothes look sloppy and cheap. They are not flattering at all. They look flimsy . Even the models don't look good in them. And her look of so many layers is just plain ugly. I don't get the appeal.
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I am not a fan of her clothing. I think the prices are high. If you bought the TSV, tank and cardigan, you would spend almost $160.00 without including S&H and tax. 

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What I find odd is when I go shopping, I do not see this style.  Is it a style?

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@hopi wrote:

The pockets make this a no go for me, don't know why they would be put there. Macy's has this cut rayon/ spandex top from  that were $19 on sale no ruffle or pockets.

I have the top from Macy's in four colors! So flattering. This one a bit fuller and pockets may make it bulky but I am trying it in the black.

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I like having a pocket in my shirt because so many of my pants don’t have pockets.
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That was a wig ?....I thought she was justing having a bad hair day.

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This thread is from last year.