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When I first saw the TSV, I didn't like it at all.  Not a fan of the ruffle but the more I saw it on the models and the hosts, I grew to like it more.  I liked the way it looked on Shawn, Jennifer and Kirsten.  Then I remembered that they look good in most anything!  I'm not sure my body type would look good in it.  I think on slender people it is nice.

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Heavens no.  I am a mature woman and do not want to dress like Betty Boop.  The chiffon hems have got to go.  Have you checked out her average prices?  I think Logo has gone to her head.

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I think it's a big miss and not selling well either.  Looks like every color, every size is available.  

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Out of 23 posts, no one likes it.  QVC should ask the ladies here what they think of a style before offering it as a TS.  Obviously this  LOGO piece TSV is a loser.

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No one looks good in this.  

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It has always amazed me that this line was even considered. There is nothing stylish about this line. It just looks inexpensive but the prices are increasing. I just don't get it.  I have never been impressed or even remotely interested. For those that purchase this line of clothing , I am sure they like it.

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That is not what Lori is doing!  All of her previous cardigan were long and Logo customers wrote in they would like to see a shorter cardigan, and she pleased us all.  It is not about buying another piece

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       Just not for ruffles on my hips!!  The fabric looked too fine, almost thread bare.  I have always admired Lori's great color palette, though I do not like mixing patterns.

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I would have liked this if it came with the tank, but unfortunately to purchase the cardi and tank would be over $100 with tax and shipping. Out of my price range! I did think Jackie looked sensational in the green tank and blue cardi combo.