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Oh my gosh what Kiersten has on it so pathetic, how ridiculous is this covering up the hideous dress with a top and now another top, lace leggings, awful!

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Even a cute Susan Graver sweater looks bad when paired with this dress.

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Re: LOGO TSV 5/7/2021

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I love dresses but not this one. I don't care for the shape, style, or length. It's just too loose & baggy for me. I don't think it's very flattering from the photos I saw online. 

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind

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Wow, I would've never thought to use pathetic, ridiculous, hideous & awful in one sentence.
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@KACEE1115   lol.  Nobody looks good in this dress.  It is just ugly.  Shapeless and ridiculous 

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Do you think QVC is honest about the number that has been sold? They make it sound like it's flying off the shelf, but how could that be if so many people don't care for it? HMM????

It honestly reminds me of that high/low dress that was so popular from Lularoe. The Carly, I think it was called.



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I agree it is so ugly. Makes everyone look bigger than they are.. I would never buy this personally. 

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If this dress were $15.00 less I would buy it for a NIGHTGOWN.

That is all.

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I don't think this dress would flatter anyone's figure.
I'm not a fan of her clothing. I only recently bought a shrug, I hope I like it when I go to wear it!
I think the host tend to say it's selling out just to boost sales. Just recently with the D&C dress they said they sold thousands and selling out, you can still order it but don't I sent my back it was yuk!